Health Benefits of Cheese

What are the health benefits and vitamins in Cheese?

Vitamins in Cheese

→ Cheese is an edible food prepared by coagulation of milk protein casein.
→ Cheese is commonly prepared from Milk of Cow, buffalo and Sheep.
Vitamins In Cheese
→ Cheese is high in calcium, proteins and fat.
→ Cheese helps in relieving from hypertension and osteoporosis.
→ There are many varieties and flavors of cheese available all around the world.
→ As Cheese is rich in Calcium, it provides dental care, strengthens bones and cartilage, helps prevent cancer, helps in gaining weight.

Here is the important vitamin sources of cheese.

VitaminsUnitValue per 100g
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid mg0.0
Thiamin mg0.014
Riboflavin mg0.351
Niacin mg0.118
Vitamin B-6 mg0.065
Folate, DFE µg20
Vitamin B-12 µg1.26
Vitamin A, RAE µg292
Vitamin A, IU IU1080
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) mg0.26
Vitamin D (D2 + D3) µg0.5
Vitamin D IU22
Vitamin K (phylloquinone) µg2.5

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