How to Treat a Burn

How to treat a fire burn on hand?

First Aid for Fire Burns

Its quite natural that everyone of us would experienced the blistering pain of fire burns at some point of our life. This accidental fire may cause severe or mild injuries. The severity of the pain depends upon the intensity of the fire burns. But typically, most of us are still confused and has less awareness to handle this hectic situations skillfully.

You can execute the below instructions if you happened to come across any mild injuries. If the injury is severe, call for the Emergency medical attention immediately.

How to treat Mild Burns?
If you find anyone in the trace of fire, keep in mind to follow the below instructions as soon as possible.

→ Try to keep off the fire from the injured person.
→ Make sure to move the person to the spacious area if possible.
→ Gently remove the dress or any thing that stick with the injured part to avoid the wound from swelling.
→ Slowly pour some cool water over the burns.
→ Mildly clean the burnt area with a soft cloth.

You can seek the medical help immediately when the person is suspected to face prolonged pain, illness and further swelling. Here, our tutorial will help you in treating the mild fire burns with the normal but effective home made medical ingredients that is all around you.

Home Remedies for Fire Burns