Make a Lemon Battery

How do you light an LED using lemon battery?

How to Power an LED with Lemons?

Have you ever tried of lighting up an LED just by using few lemons. Here is an interesting science experiment to glow an LED by using the lemon battery. Follow our simple step by step tutorial and learn to power an LED with Lemons.

Materials Needed
Lemon - 6 to 7
Zinc Coated Screw - 6 to 7
LED - 1
Copper Wire - 6
Volt Metre
Making Lemon Battery Materials Needed
Steps To Follow

Step 1: Take a zinc coated screw and roll the copper wire on it.
Making Lemon Battery Step 1
Step 2: Press and insert the zinc coated screw inside a lemon.
Making Lemon Battery Step 2
Step 3: Take the end of the copper wire and connect it with the other lemon.
Making Lemon Battery Step 3
Step 4: Press the copper wire inside the other lemon. Insert the copper rolled screw inside the 2nd lemon too.
Making Lemon Battery Step 4
Step 5: Take a volt meter to measure the amount of voltage produced.
Making Lemon Battery Step 5
Step 6: Keep the test probes of the volt metre above the screws as we have shown below. You can see the power produced out of lemons.
Making Lemon Battery Step 6
Step 7: Now connect 5 to 6 lemons as we have done before.
Making Lemon Battery Step 7
Step 8: Take a LED. Keep the positive and negative diode end of the LED on the screws. You can find the LED is started to glow. Try this experiment and power your LED using the lemons.
Making Lemon Battery Step 8

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