How to Make Christmas Bells?

How do you make origami paper bells for Christmas decorations?

Christmas Bell Crafts

Christmas bell is a decorative thing used in Christmas decorations. Christmas Bells are considered as holy thing and sometimes also referred as jingle bells. Christmas bells represent the spirit of Christmas and bring peace. Below are simple steps to create an origami Christmas bell crafts. Try yourself using the below simple steps and create your own Christmas bell and decorate the home with Christmas bells this Christmas Season. The Christmas bell craft shown here is easy to make and provides cheers to your Christmas tree and to your home.
Christmas Paper Bell
Materials Required:
→ Origami paper
→ Glue

Steps to Follow

Step 1: Gather the above said materials required, an origami paper and a glue stick.
Christmas Paper Bell Step 1
Step 2: Make a mountain fold.
Christmas Paper Bell Step 2
Step 3: Make a mountain fold from the other side too.
Christmas Paper Bell Step 3
Step 4: Unfold the paper completely. You should have got cross mark as shown below.
Christmas Paper Bell Step 4
Step 5: Fold any one corner of the paper as shown below.
Christmas Paper Bell Step 5
Step 6: Fold the opposite corner of the paper as you have done in the previous step. Now use the glue stick and paste the open ended folds.
Christmas Paper Bell Step 6
Step 7: Now fold down the top end of the pattern as shown below.
Christmas Paper Bell Step 7
Step 8: Fold the top corner upwards in the form of triangle, as shown below.
Christmas Paper Bell Step 8
Step 9: Now turn the other side of the paper.
Christmas Paper Bell Step 9
Step 10: Take the ends of the rectangle fold, right below the mountain fold. Then fold it.
Christmas Paper Bell Step 10
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