How to Sit at a Computer?

What is the best posture to sit in front of the computer?

Correct Sitting Posture

Computer is one of the fast paced modern technological device to fetch everything before us within a instance. But the deteriorating point is that people in their workplace paves more attention towards computer than themselves. As a result, we endure severe health issues to be taken cared and treated for a long run. Before its getting too late, relish your daily work by learning the proper sitting positions from this simple how to sit at a computer tutorial.

How To Sit At A Computer

On an average, work people performs 50,000 to 200,000 key strokes per day. Due to improper positions, repetition, and forceful exertions, an individual is prone to nerve, muscle, tendon, and ligament damage. If you are using computer for a prolonged hours, dont fail to maintain your posture techniques to avoid or minimize the risk of getting any vulnerable disorders. Try sticking to the correct sitting postures we have provided when you sit at a computer. Click the Next option to know each positions in detail.