Vitamin E Deficiency

What are the diseases caused by Vitamin E deficiency?

Diseases Caused by Vitamin E Deficiency

The major reason for the Vitamin E deficiency is Fat Mal-absorption. This may lead to severe problems. Listed the problems and diseases caused by the Deficiency of Vitamin E.

Nervous Problems

It may lead to severe nerve problem by displacing the structure and function of the nervous system.

Heart Disease

Deficiency in the Vitamin E increase the risk of Heart disease. Due to this, it may increase the risk of heart stroke for the Postmenopausal women.


Its a kind of allergy caused when the skin in directly exposed to the sunlight.

Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer is kind of brain disorder that causes the brain cells (neurons) to shrink from the actual size. Thus leads to memory loss and delusions.

Menstrual Period

Deficiency in the Vitamin E can lead to severe stomach pain for the women during the menstrual period. It may also cause severe anxiety and depression.

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