Vitamin A Benefits

What are the benefits of Vitamin A?

Health Benefits of Vitamin A

Vitamin A performs a multiple role in the protection of the human body. It is the key component in enhancing night vision, bone health, skin texture and balancing the immune system of the whole body.

enhances eyesight

Enhances Eyesight

It is the primary source of vitamin that helps to form pigments. These pigments makes our eyes to adjust for the light changes and also enhances the vision in the dark. It helps in the maintenance of the surface linings of the eyes and the epithelial integrity of the respiratory, urinary, and intestinal tracts.

Balance Immune System

Balances Immune System

Balances the immune system. It helps in the production of the white blood cells, keeping the mucous membranes (a linings inside the human body) moist. Thus prevents the attack of bacteria and viruses into the body.

Enriches Skin Tone

Enriches Skin

It helps in retaining the moistures skin and also act as an shield in protecting the skin from different skin problems.

Proper Bone And Teeth

Proper Bone and Teeth

Gives essential strength for the bones and teeth. Prevents from the bone deficiency.

Free From Tissue Damage

Free from Tissue Damage

It prevents the cell and tissue damage by neutralizing the free radicals with its anti-oxidant property.

Reduces The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Reduces the Risk of Breast cancer

Women who risks the family history of breast cancer can intake high amount of Vitamin A components. This will decrease the risk of breast cancer.

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