Origami Christmas Candy Cane

How do you make an origami Candy Cane for Christmas?

How to Make a Paper Candy Cane?

A candy cane is a peppermint stick which is cane-shaped and is edible. Candy cane is associated with Christmas as well as Saint Nicholas Day. Traditionally candy canes are made as white with red striped canes flavored with peppermint. The culture of candy canes spread from Germany to other parts of Europe. The candy cane has been mentioned in literature since 1866. Candy canes are also used in Christmas Decorations to hang over the branches of Christmas Trees.

Here are some simple steps showing how to make an origami Candy Canes to use in Christmas Decorations. Follow the below steps and try yourselves to create your own origami paper Candy Canes for Christmas this season.
Origami Candy Cane
Materials Required:
→ Origami paper with white on the backside
→ Glue stick

Origami Candy Cane Materials Required
Steps to Follow
Step 1:
Make the mountain fold with the colored face of the paper on the outside.
Origami Candy Cane Step 1
Step 2: Adjust the two outer tips of the triangle so that the edges are separated by 1 cm from each other.
Origami Candy Cane Step 2
Step 3: Turn around the backside of the paper.
Origami Candy Cane Step 3
Step 4: Begin to role the paper.
Origami Candy Cane Step 4
Step 5: As you continue rolling the paper, you could see white and the other color forming a uniform pattern of strips.
Origami Candy Cane Step 5
Step 6: After you fold until the tip of the paper, paste it with a glue.
Origami Candy Cane Step 6
Step 7: Now your origami candy cane is almost done, except for a simple step.
Origami Candy Cane Step 7
Step 8: Make a fold of 90 degrees at the lower half of the paper cane as shown below.
Origami Candy Cane Step 8
Step 9: Make an another fold as shown below to complete your origami paper candy cane, which could be used in your Christmas Decorations.
Origami Candy Cane Step 9

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