Visual Arts Tutorials | Drawing and Painting Lessons, Videos

Visual arts refers to all the art forms that we can see and admire through our naked eyes. It usually represents the art forms that are flat and two dimensional. It can be paintings, drawings, visual designs, architecture, photography, film, printmaking and computer art. Visual art is more powerful as it needs no language to communicate. Eyes can just admire and understand the concept brought out in these art forms. Even what cannot be uttered with words, could be easily brought out in visual arts. We can see that the modern society have developed more interest towards the visual arts. Here is a list of some famous visual art forms as well the tutorials would teach the right amount of mixture and ingredients to create paints.

Become an artist by learning different forms of visual arts here. You can learn here the basic as well the advanced level of visual arts further split under different sections. All these online tutorials are free for your personal reference.