Vitamin C Deficiency

What are the diseases caused by Vitamin C deficiency?

Diseases Caused by Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C is essential for rich skin and maintaining the connective tissues, bones, blood vessels. It also helps in the reduction of wounds or any fire burns.Deficiency of this Vitamin will cause the following health issues in the human body.


Its a disease that result in spots on the skin, spongy gums, spots on the thighs and legs, bleeding from the mucous membrane. Advanced stage of this disease can lead to loss of teeth, gum diseases yellow skin, fever, neuropathy. To an extreme, it will result in death because of severe bleeding.

Tissue Defects

Causes severe tissue impairments and damages. It may result in severe Rash, Internal Bleeding, Gingivitis, Petechiae and Impaired wound healing

Loss of Appetite

The person mood may change abruptly. Losing peace of mind, turning pale and look stressed and become short tempered.


Outer layer of the skin will start to bruise easily. Extremely level of bruising may result in serious health problems.


Skin, Hair and Tongue will lose its moisture and become dry. Sometimes leads to hair fall and splitting of the hair

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