How to Make a Paper Angel?

How to make an origami paper angel for Christmas?

Origami Angel Instructions

Angels are believed to the good spirits, directly serving the god. Angels are messengers of god, that protect living things from their miseries. Learn to make attractive origami paper angels for Christmas and bring more merriment for the home.
Materials Needed
Origami color papers
Step by Step Instructions
Step 1: Take a square shaped origami paper, and make a rectangle fold.
Paper Angel Step 1
Step 2: Open the paper. From any one end, fold the paper till the centre line.
Paper Angel Step 2
Step 3: Do the same in the other side too.
Paper Angel Step 3
Step 4: Unfold the paper.
Paper Angel Step 4
Step 5: Now take any one side and bring it near the last fold mark.
Paper Angel Step 5
Step 6: Fold and press it till the last line mark. Do it in other side too.
Paper Angel Step 6
Step 7: Unfold the paper and fold it to touch the nearest fold mark. Do it in the other side too.
Paper Angel Step 7
Step 8: When you unfold the paper, it should appear as shown below.
Paper Angel Step 8
Step 9: Start to make Zig zag foldings.
Paper Angel Step 9
Step 10: Continue to make the zig zag foldings till the end.
Paper Angel Step 10
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