How to Make Black Paint

How to make Black Paint at home using primary colors?

Make Black Paint at Home

Black is the darkest of all the colors. It is the color of very low brightness. Black color absorbs light while white color reflects light. In order to get black color paint, we need to mix multiple number of primary colors. The process of mixing these colors will absorb the light within the paint as a result what we see is a black color. Learn here how to prepare black color by your own mixing of colors.
How To Make Black Paint At Home
Step 1: You should have the following list of colors.
Yellow and
Cyan (turquoise blue)/blue
Note: The resultant color is based on the quality and medium of paint. You can use any medium of paint like oil paint, watercolor or acrylic colors.
Step 2: Take equal amount of magenta, yellow and blue color. When you mix all the colors in equal proportion, the result will be the basic black color.