Homemade Water Gun

How to make a homemade water gun using water bottle?

Make Water Bottle Water Gun

Every kid loves to play with the water guns. This would be the best activity for the kids to make the summer more interesting and keep themselves active. Here is an interesting step by step tutorial for the parents to make simple, homemade, budget friendly water gun for their kids.
Materials Needed

Empty Pet Water Bottle
Head Pin
Water Bottle Gun Materials Needed
Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take an unused pet plastic water bottle. Hold the bottle in your hand and make a hole in the center of the bottle cap using a sewing pin or geometric compass or any sharp object to insert holes.Water Bottle Gun Step 1
Step 2: Make three to five holes in the cap based on its size.
Water Bottle Gun Step 2
Step 3: Now open the cap and fill the water into the bottle.
Water Bottle Gun Step 3
Step 4: Close the bottle cap tightly.
Water Bottle Gun Step 4
Step 5: Squeeze the bottle gently at the centre. So you love it. Enjoy shooting the water gun on your kids and create the most fun filled time.
Water Bottle Gun Step 5

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