Make Homemade Almond Milk

How to make almond milk recipe at home?

How is Almond Milk / Water Made?

Almond is one of the popular nutritious nut with ample amount of health benefits. Rather than taking this nut plainly, you can make this nut into a sweet health drink. Its appetizing flavor and taste would definitely not allow you to slip the last sip.


Almonds - 3 ounces
Sugar - 3 tablespoon
Water - 1 cup
Mixer Grinder
Honey - 1 tablespoon

How to Make
Step 1: Take 3 ounces of almonds and soak it in water overnight. This will ease the task of peeling the outer layer as well it help in the smooth blending process.
Soak Almonds Step 1
Step 2: In the blender, add the soaked almonds.
Almond Water Step 2
Step 3: Pour a cup of water.
Almond Water Step 3
Step 4: Then add the required amount of sugar.
Almond Water Step 4
Step 5: You can add honey to enhance the sweetness.
Almond Water Step 5
Step 6: Now grind the mixer for about two to three minutes in the blender.
Almond Water Step 6
Step 7: You will get a thick paste of almonds by now. The consistency of the milk should be a semi-liquid or semi-solid.
Almond Water Step 7
Step 8: Now add little more water and grind for few more minutes. The almond drink is almost ready. Use the strainer and pour the almond drink into it.
Almond Water Step 8
Step 9: So you have got a fresh almond drink now. Refrigerate this pure almond milk and drink it regularly to have a healthy body.
Almond Water Step 9

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