Finance and Business Tutorials

Finance and Business are always inter-related. Without finance (investment) business can't survive and without business there is no need for funding (finance). Here is the tutorial on learing what is finance and business, and their related terms. This tutorial covers various departments of finance such as banking, mortgage and loans, finance employment, interest, business, customer relation, accounting, marketing and strategy. Get more ideas about Finance and Businesses from here.


This tutorial helps you learn about banking and relational terms. Banking is the act of doing business with money. Banks are financial institutions doing banking...



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Mortgage & Loans

This is an interesting tutorial explaining the terms related to mortgage and loans. Mortgaging is the act of getting a loan by pledging a property....

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Work & Employment

This tutorial helps you gain knowledge on work and employment related to finance and business. Banking sector holds the space for a large number of...

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Here is what, what you want to know about interest. Interest is the money paid at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, half-yearly or...

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This tutorial helps you learn business and its related terms. Business refers to an occupation handled by an individual or a company with one or...

Customer Relation
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Accounting is the most important sector in finance and business. It is the back bone of a successful company. Accounting is the process of keeping...

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Marketing & Strategy

Marketing and strategy are two important concepts of making a business successful. Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. Marketing makes customers believe...

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Human Resource

Human Resource Team is the most important team in any organization. It may not be big in number and its operations may not be as...

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Finance is defined as managing small or large amounts of money, by people, financial institutions (Banks), companies or by the government. Business refers to an act of profession for occupation handled by a person, group of people, institutions or government defined as a person's regular occupation. A business organization can be a private enterprise (owned by a person or family) or a public limited enterprise (shares open to public).