Edit Files using cPanel Code Editor

How to edit files using cPanel code editor?


To edit files using Code Editor follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to Control Panel and select File Manager.
file manager cpanel
Step 2: Select public_html.
public html cpanel
Step 3: Go to the required folder and select the file that has to be edited.
select file edit cpanel
Step 4: You have two options to edit file using code editor.
Option 1: Click Code Editor option in the top menu.
code editor option1
Option 2: Right click on the file to be edited and click Code Edit.
code editor option2
Step 5: In the resulting popup, select Edit.
click code edit cpanel
Step 6: The file will be opened in the code editor window. Do the required changes.
code editor page cpanel
Step 7: Select "Save changes" in the right top corner to save the changes done to the file.
code editor save changes cpanel
Note: To change to "text editor" mode, select "use text editor" button in the top menu.

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