Install Drupal in cPanel

How to install drupal in cpanel?


Drupal is a free open source content-management framework which is used to build websites. To install drupal using cPanel follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to cPanel with your username and password.
Step 2: Enter as drupal in the search box and hit enter. Select Drupal under Scripts.
Drupal installation Cpanel
Step 3: Click on the Install tab and fill all the fields to install drupal.
Choose the version you want to install:
Click the drop down and choose the version.
Choose Protocol:
Choose the required protocol from the drop down.
Choose Domain:
Select the domain name from the drop down.
In Directory:
Drupal will be installed under the directory name you enter. If the directory field is left empty, drupal files and folders will be added under public_html directly.
Database Name:
Provide the database name for the drupal tables. Database of drupal will be created in the name you provided.
Not mandatory to fill the cron field.
Drupal installation Cpanel1 Site Name:
Provide the name for the site.
Table Prefix:
Drupal tables will be provided with the default prefix.
Drupal installation Cpanel
Admin Username:
Enter the username of the admin.
Admin Password:
Enter the admin password. Password strength will be shown by the password strength checker.
Admin Email:
Type the email address of the admin.
Drupal installation Cpanel
Step 4: Click Install, once if have entered data in all the fields.
Drupal installation Cpanel
Finally, drupal homepage will look like,
Drupal Homepage

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