Change Email Quota in cPanel

How to change (increase or decrease space limit) email quota in cPanel?


Email quota allows to set space limit to store the data in an account. To change email quota follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to Control Panel and type the keyword mail.
search keyword cpanel
Step 2: Select Accounts from the search results.
accounts cpanel
Step 3: You can view the list of email accounts created under "Email Accounts".
listed accounts cpanel
Step 4: Select Change Quota option for the required email account.
change quota cpanel
Step 5: Set the space limit for the selected email account and click Change Quota. You can also choose unlimited data if you dont want to set any predefined space.
change space limit cpanel
Note: Email account can access data only for the set space limit.
Step 6: You will get notification as "Changed Quota"
changed quota cpanel

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