Renaming Files and Folders in cPanel

How to rename files and folders within cPanel file manager?


To rename a file in cPanel follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to Control Panel and click File Manager under Files.
file manager cpanel
Step 2:
Select public_html from the left tree and choose the file/folder in the display area which has to be renamed.
select file cpanel
Step 3:
You can rename a file or folder using three options.
Option 1: Double click on the file/folder name in the display portion and rename the file/folder.
rename option2 cpanel
Option 2: Right click on the file/folder and select Rename.
rename option1 cpanel
Option 3:
Select Rename option in the top menu.
rename cpanel
Step 4: In the resulting popup, enter the new file name and click Rename file.
rename file cpanel
The selected file name will be renamed with the new name.
renamed file cpanel

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