How To Upload Files To Addon Domain Using Control Panel For Linux Website?

Short Tutorial on How To Upload Files To Addon Domain Using Plesk Panel For Windows Website?


In this short tutorial we will discuss on how to upload files to add-on domains using Control panel for Linux website. You will be guided here with a step by step procedure with pictures.

Step 1: Login to your Control Panel using the username and password provided to you.
Login To Cpanel
Step 2: Goto → File Manager from the menu that appears.
Goto File Manager
Step 3: Select Addon domain to which you wish to upload files from the list of domains that appears.
Select Addon Domain Under Publichtml
Step 4: Double click on the add on domain to upload files to that folder.
Double Click To Open
Step 5: Click on the Upload link from the menu that appears as shown in the figure.
Select Upload
Step 6: Select files to be uploaded from your local and click on open.
Select Files To Upload From Local
Select Files To Upload
Step 7: You file has been uploaded successfully.
File Uploaded
Step 8: You could now see the uploaded files in the file manager.
Sample Uploaded Successfully

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