Change Joomla Admin Username and Password

How to change or reset joomla admin username and password in Cpanel?


To change / reset the admin username and password in joomla proceed with the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to Control Panel.
Step 2: In the search box, enter as php. Click phpMyAdmin under Databases.
create table phpmyadmin
You will be shown with the alert message while connecting to the phpMyAdmin page as given below.
create table2 phpmyadmin cpanel
Step 3: In the phpMyAdmin page, select the required Database name and click the plus icon near the selected Database name.
joomla admin password
Step 4: From the list of tables, select jos_users. Table data will be displayed as shown in the below image and click Edit option.
joomla admin password1
Step 5: Under password column, type the password under Value and select the function as MD5. Click Go.
reset password joomla cpanelpng
Note: When you use MD5 function to change the admin password, your password will be automatically encrypted and stored in Database.

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