How to Change MX Records in Cpanel?

Short tutorial that describes how to change MX records for a domain name using Cpanel in step-by-step procedure with pictures.


What is an MX Record?
Mail Exchange Record is abbreviated as MX Record in short. It is responsible for identifying which server will handle mail for a domain. The MX Record can be set at the registrar of the domain or at the server in which the domain is pointed to.

In this short tutorial, we will discuss on how to change the MX records for a domain name in simple procedures with pictures.

Step 1: Login to your Cpanel account.
Login To Cpanel
Step 2: Search for Mx and select MX Entry from the listed.
Search Mx
Step 3:
Select the domain name for which you wish you change the MX record.
Select Domain Name
Step 3:
Remove the default MX record for the domain as shown here.Remove Existing Mx Record
Step 4: Add a new record, giving the priority value as mentioned by the provider and destination mail server.Add New Record
Step 5: You have now successfully changed your MX record.
New Mx Record Added
Some of the frequently changed Google Apps MX records are as follow,
Google Aspmx Records

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