Change Wordpress Theme in cPanel

How to change wordpress theme in cPanel?


To set/change wordpress theme in cPanel follow the steps given below.
Change theme after installation:
Step 1: Login to wordpress admin.
Step 2: Provide the Username and Password. Click Log In.wordpress theme login cpanel
Step 3: In the resulting page, click Appearance Themes from the left tree.
wordpress theme cpanel
Step 4: Select the required theme.
wordpress theme1 cpanel
To add new theme:
Step 1: You can install themes using two options.
Option 1: Click Add New near Themes.
Option 2:Click Add New Theme in the list of available themes.
add new theme in wordpress
From the list of themes, select Install near the required theme.
add new theme1 in wordpress
To upload theme:
Step 1: Click Upload Theme near Add Themes.
upload new theme wordpress
Step 2: Browse and upload the required theme.
upload new theme1 wordpress
Finally, your wordpress page will be displayed with the selected theme as shown below, Set wordpress theme

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