Generate a Full Backup Using Backup Wizard

How to generate or download a full backup using backup wizard?


Backup wizard is used to take full backup of a site including all the files, directories, emails and databases. To take full back of a site using backup wizard follow the steps below.
Step 1: Login to cPanel.
Step 2: Search as Backup in the search box. Select Backup Wizard in the search results.
backup wizard cpanel
Step 3: Click Backup button.
select backup cpanel
Step 3: In the next step, click on Full Backup button.
full backup cpanel
Partial backup:
To backup only the particular files, database or email forwarders use the options below.
Home Directory
To take backup of the files in the home directory, click Home Directory.
MySQL Databases
To backup the databases under MySQL click on MySQL Databases.
Email Forwarders and Filters
To keep backup of the all the Email forwarders and Filters click Email Forwarders and Filters.
Step 4:
Under Generate a Full Backup, click drop down and select Backup Destination to store the generated backup file.backup destination cpanel
Step 5: Enter the email address under Email Address text box to which the mail has to be sent once the backup is address cpanel
Step 6: Click Generate Backup to make a backup of entire site.
generate backup cpanel
You will get an alert message that "Full Backup In Progress".
alert backup cpanel

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