Create an Email Forwarder in cPanel

How to forward email from one account to another using cPanel?


If you wish to forward e-mails from one mail account to another account, you can use the mail forwarders option.
Step 1: Login to Control panel and search the keyword as forwarders.
search forwarders cpanel
Step 2:
Select Forwarders under Email.
select forwarders cpanel
Step 3: In the resulting page select "Add Forwarder"
add forwarder cpanel
Step 4: Enter the address to be forwarded in "Address to forward" field. For example:
address forward cpanel
Step 5: Under Destination, type the address to which you need to forward the mail by enabling the Forward to email address check box. For example:
forward email address cpanel
Step 6: Click Add Forwarder.
add forwarder select cpanel
Step 7: You will get notification message as given in the image below.
forwarders notification cpanel

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