Uninstall Joomla from Cpanel

How to Uninstall Joomla from Cpanel?


To know how to uninstall Joomla, follow the steps provided below.
Step 1:
Login to cPanel.
Step 2: Enter as joomla in the search box and hit enter. Under scripts, select Joomla.
joomla installation cpanel
Step 3: Scroll down and Select the "X" icon to remove the Joomla for the selected database.
Remove Joomla
Step 4: In the resulting page, select Remove Installation.
Reove Joomla From Cpanel
Step 5: Click OK to remove the installation.
Confirm Joomla Uninstallation
Step 6: Joomla will begin to uninstall.
Joomla Uninstallation
Once after successful uninstallation, you will get an alert message as shown below.
Uninstall Joomla

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