Delete public_html Folder Default Files

How to delete default files before uploading files into public_html folder in cPanel?


You have to delete the default files before uploading your file.
The default files namely index.html, robots.txt, style.css located in public_html folder.
To delete the default files:
Step 1: Login to cPanel
Step 2: Under Files, select the File Manager.
Step 3: Select "public_html" folder from the left tree.
select public html
Step 4: In the right side, select index.html, robots.txt, style.css using shift mouse click.
select default files
Step 5: You can delete the files using two options.
Option 1: Click the Delete button in the menu to delete all the selected files.
Option 2: Right click on the selected files and select Delete.
Step 6: Delete popup box appears, asking whether to delete the files permanently. Click "Delete File(s)".
delete files
This will delete all the selected files and folders.

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