How to Change File Upload Size in PHP 5.*, PHP version 7 through Cpanel?

A short tutorial explains you on how to change file upload size in PHP through Cpanel?


You can change file upload size in PHP through Cpanel. Refer this simple short tutorial to explain you on how tochange file upload sizein PHP version 5.*, PHP version 7 through Cpanel with step by step procedure.

Step 1: Go to Control panel login page. Enter username and password and click on login button.
Php Cpanel Step1
Step 2: Search PHPin search option and go to Select PHP version under Softwarecategory.
Php Cpanel Step2
Step 3:Go to Switch to PHP optionsgiven in the top right corner.

Php Version Cpanel Step3
Step 4: Change the file upload size and click on Apply button. You will get a pop-up message when you hover the cursor in the input box.
Php Size1
Note: The same procedure to change file upload size in PHP is also applicable for version 5.*

You may also refer to the below tutorial link to know how to increase the maximum execution time and to increase the file upload size for linux and windows hosting using php.ini file.

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