MultiPHP INI Editor for Cpanel

How to use MultiPHP INI Editor in cPanel?


To know how to use Multiphp INI editor option follow steps provided below.
Step 1: Provide username and password. Login to cPanel.
Login Cpanel 01
Step 2: Search as "multi" and select MultiPHP INI Editor from the search results.
Select Multiphp Ini Editor
Step 3: Under Configure PHP INI basic settings, select the home directory to open its PHP INI File.
Use Multiphp Ini Editor Step1
Step 4: You can view the path and PHP Version for the selected option.
Use Multiphp Ini Editor Step2
Step 5: Scroll down to change the PHP Directive setting. Disable/Enable the required option.
Use Multiphp Ini Editor Step3
Step 6: As well, you can also manually set the maximum execution time, input time, input vars, memory limit, session path and file size.Once if you change the values you will get an alert notification as shown in the below image. Click Apply to save changes in the MultiPHP INI editor.
Use Multiphp Ini Editor Step4
If the changes are applied, you will get a notification as "Successfully applied the settings."
Use Multiphp Ini Editor Alert

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