Change Magento Admin Username and Password

How to change or reset magento admin username and password in Cpanel?


To change / reset the admin username and password in magento proceed with the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to Control Panel.
Step 2: In the search box, enter as php. Click phpMyAdmin under Databases.
create table phpmyadmin
You will get alert message as shown in the image below.
create table2 phpmyadmin cpanel
Step 3: In the phpMyAdmin page, select the required Database name.
Step 4: Click on the plus icon near the selected Database name. From the list of tables, select mg_admin_users.
Step 5: Click Edit option.
edit magento password cpanel
Step 6: In the column password, enter the password under Value and select the function as MD5. Click Go.
set password magento cpanel

Note: When you use MD5 function to change the admin password, your password will be automatically encrypted and stored in Database.

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