How to change TXT records in cPanel?

A simple tutorial that will guide you with steps to edit or change TXT records.


Follow the below steps to change or add TXT records in cPanel.
Step 1: Login to cPanel.
Step 2: In the search box, type as Zone Editor. Click on the Zone Editor menu shown to you.
Step 3:You will be directed to Zone editor panel where you can see the list of your domain names. Click on Manage option for the domain to which you need to Change/Add TXT Records.Changetxtmanage
Step 4: To add a TXT record click Add Record record drop-down button. Choose Add TXT Record in the drop-down menu and enter the details such as Valid Zone Name, TTL, Class, Type and paste your TXT Record in the record box. Once done, click on Add Record to save the record.
Step 5: To edit or change an existing TXT record, just click on the Edit option for the TXT which you need to make changes.
Step 6: Make the necessary changes and click on Save Record to save the changes.
Step 7: You have now successfully made changes to your TXT record.

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