How to Reinstall Joomla in Cpanel?

How do you reinstall Joomla in Control Panel?


Joomla is a free and open-source content management system which aids online bloggers to publish their interesting web content and gain popularity in web. Know how to reinstall joomla in cpanel without losing data.
Step 1: Login to cPanel.
Step 2: Enter as joomla in the search box and hit enter. Under scripts, select Joomla.
joomla installation cpanel
Step 3: Click Install tab. Fill all the fields to install Joomla.
Install Joomla
Step 4: Under Site Settings, fill the site name and provide description.
Site Name:
Enter the site name which will be added as the title of the page.
Site Description:
Type the required description for the site.
Joomla Installation In  Cpanel
Step 5: Provide the admin account details.
Admin Username:
Provide the username of the admin.
Admin Password:
Enter the password for the admin. Your password strength will be shown by the password strength checker.
Real Name:
Provide a proper name for admin.
Admin Email:
Enter admin email id.
Reinstall Joomla Admin Login
Step 6: Choose the language and click Install
Reinstall Joomla Cpanel
Joomla software will begin to install as shown in the below image.
Reinstall Joomla Control Panel
After installation, you will get a notification message.
Joomla Reinstallation

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