How to Map Subdomain to Other Server using CPanel?

How to Map Subdomain to Other Server with CPanel?


A subdomain is a part of the original / large domain name. For example, is the subdomain of the main domain Use this simple tutorial to learn how to map subdomains with other server IP Address.
Step 1: Login to Cpanel using the client login.
Step 2: Create Subdomain in the Cpanel for your main domain.
Step 3: Once subdomain is created,UnderDomains, clickAdvanced Zone Editor.
Map Domain To Ip
Step 4: Under Zone Records, your subdomain will be listed.
Cpanel Zone File Records
Step 5: Click Edit option that is at the right end of the subdomain
Edit Zone File Records
Step 6: Enter the Server IP Address for which you want to map the subdomain and click Edit Record.
Map Domain To Ip Address
Your Subdomain is mapped with the other Server IP Address and it will take few hours for processing.

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