Create MySQL User for a Database in cPanel

How to create mysql user for a database in control panel?


To create new MySQL users follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to Control Panel.
Step 2: In the search box, type as database in the search box. Select MySQL Databases under Databases.
create database
Step 3: Click Jump to MySQL Users.
create mysql users cpanel
Step 4: Under Add New User, fill the following fields
Enter the new user name under "Username" field.
Type the password in "Password" field and retype the same password in "Password(Again):" field.
You will be shown the strength of your password under Strength field.
Click "Create User".
create mysql users1 cpanel
Password Generator:
Use the password generator option to get recommendations for strong password if the given password is weak. To get suggestions, click Password Generator.
In the resulting pop-up, click Generate Password. You will get different character suggestions on each click and click Use Password option to set the password.
create database pwd1 in cpanel
Step 5: Click Go Back to return to the previous page.
create mysql users2 cpanel
Scroll to the end of the page to view the new MySQL user created as given in the below image.create mysql users3 cpanel

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