Save an Excel 2013 Workbook

How to save an excel 2013 workbook?


Save option is used to store the Excel file for future reference. Saved file can be modified at any time. To save a file in the excel, follow the steps given below.
Step 1: You can save a file using any of the two options given below.
Option 1:
Click Save icon present above the File menu or press Ctrl+S.
save workbook ms excel 2013
Option 2:
Step 1: In the Menu bar click on the File tab.
create new file excel 2013
Step 2: Click Save option and from the right pane, choose the drive to save the excel file.
Here, we have chosen computer drive and My documents folder to save the file.
save workbook in ms excel 2013
Save As dialog box opens. Select the required folder and enter the File name. Click Save.
save workbook1 ms excel 2013

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