Insert New Row in MS Excel 2013

How to insert / add new row in MS Excel 2013?


To insert/add new row in the workbook you can use any of the options given below.
Option 1: Click on the row header above which you need a new row and select Insert.
For example, if you want to insert a row above the row 4, select row header 4.
insert row ms excel 2013
Below image shows the new row which is inserted above the selected row.
insert row output ms excel 2013
Option 2:
Step 1: Right click on the row header and select Insert.
insert row1 ms excel 2013
Step 2: Insert dialog box opens, enable the Entire row radio button and click OK.
insert row2 ms excel 2013
A new row is inserted above the selected row header.
insert row3 ms excel 2013

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