Microsoft Excel 2013 Layout

Learn about Ms Excel Workbook Layout: Menubar, Formula Bar, Function Bar


Layout defines the page view of the worksheet file. Layout of the excel is structured in the following format.

Customize Access Toolbar:
Customizable Access Toolbar is located at the top left corner of the workbook. By default, customize access toolbar have the shortcut for Save, Undo and Redo option. Click on the drop down menu near to redo to select other shortcuts.
customize access toolbar ms excel 2013
Workbook name:

Once you open new workbook in excel, it will be created with the name "Book1 - Excel" as shown in the below image.
book name ms excel 2013
Title Bar Buttons:
Title bar buttons are present at the top right corner of the excel file. Buttons included in the title bar are Ribbon Display options, Minimize button, Maximize button and Close button.
close minimize maximize ms excel 2013
Menu Bar:
Menu bar is located at the top of the workbook. It contains the following tabs like File, Home, Insert, Page layout, Formula, Data, Review and View.
ms excel menu bar
Name Box:
Name box will show the cell reference of the selected cell.
name box ms excel 2013
Function bar:
Function bar is prefixed with the symbol "fx". Click the symbol fx to list all the predefined functions in ms excel 2013.
function bar ms excel 2013
Formula Bar:
Formula bar is used to enter/edit the formulas. Formula bar displays the data entered in the active cell. All formulas starts with "=" sign.
formula bar ms excel 2013
Worksheet is the collection of cells where data is entered and stored.
work area ms excel 2013
Footer layout:
Footer layout is present at the bottom of the workbook. You can view the page layout of the workbook using Normal, Page Layout and Page Break Preview options. You can also zoom the workbook by adjusting the pointer over the slide bar.
footer layout ms excel 2013

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