Add Currency Symbol in MS Excel 2013

How to add currency symbol in Microsoft Excel 2013?


Currency symbol can be set to the required format using the steps below,
Step 1: Select the cells for which you need to set the currency symbols for the numbers.
Step 2: Right click on the selected cell and click Format Cells.
add currency symbol ms excel 2013
Step 3: Format Cells dialog box appears, click on the Number tab.
Step 4: Select Currency under the category.
Step 5: Choose the Decimal places for the numbers using the up/down arrows. Click the drop down near the Currency and select the required currency symbol. Click OK.
add currency symbol1 ms excel 2013
Values in the selected range of cells is added with the selected currency symbol.
add currency symbol output ms excel 2013
Option 2
Under HOME tab, select Number. Click the drop down near the currency icon and select the required currency format.
add currency symbol2 ms excel 2013

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