Change Date Format in MS Excel 2013

How to change date format in MS Excel 2013?


To change the date format in Excel file follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Select the cell in which you need to change the date format.
Step 2: Right click on the selected cell and click Format format ms excel 2013
Step 3: Format Cell dialog box appears, under Numbers tab select Date in the category.
Step 4: Under Type, choose the required format and click OK.
date format1 ms excel 2013
Format of the date is changed with the chosen date format.
date format2 ms excel 2013
To set User defined date format:
Step 1: Under Number tab, Click Date under category. Select Custom Type.
Step 2: Enter the required date format and click OK.
user defined date format ms excel 2013
Date format is set with the selected user defined date format.
user defined date format1 ms excel 2013

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