Add Borders to Cells in MS Excel 2013

How to set / add borders to cells in Microsoft Excel 2013?


To set the cell borders for cells follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Select the cell or range of cells for which you wish to set the borders.
Step 2: You can set the borders for the cells using two options.
Option 1:
Step 1: Right click on the selected range of cells and select Format Cells.
set boders format cells ms excel 2013
Step 2: Format Cells dialog box opens, Click Borders tab and select the required border. Click OK to set the selected border.
set boders format cells1 ms excel 2013
Option 2:
Click Borders icon and select the required border.
set cell boders ms excel 2013
For example, to set Border on all the sides of the cell select All Borders.
set all boders ms excel 2013
In the below image, selected range of cells are set with the borders on all the sides.
set all borders output ms excel 2013

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