Save As Option in Ms Excel 2013

How to use save as option in Microsoft Excel 2013?


Using "Save As" option you can create a copy of an existing file. To create a copy of an existing file follow the steps given below.
Step 1: In the Menu bar, click File tab.
In the below image, we going to create a new file copy as "hscripts" for the "Shorttutorials" file.
rename workbook3 ms excel 2013
Step 2: Click Save As option and select the required drive. Under drive, select the folder where you saved the file.
rename workbook1 ms excel 2013
Step 3: Save As dialog box opens. Enter the new file name in the File name search box and click Save.
rename workbook ms excel 2013
Here "hscripts" is the new copy created for the existing "Shorttutorials" file.
rename workbook2 ms excel 2013

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