Change Row Height in Excel 2013

How to change the row height in Microsoft Excel 2013?


To change the row height follow the options given below.
Option 1:
Step 1: Mouse hover and keep the mouse pointer in between the line on the row header, it will change into double headed arrow.
Step 2: Drag the mouse pointer towards up / down to decrease or increase the row height.
row height ms excel 2013
Option 2:
Step 1:
Select the required row header for which you wish to adjust the row height.
Step 2: Right click on the selected row header and select Row Height.
row height1 ms excel 2013
Option 3: Under HOME tab, select CellsFormatRow Height.
row height3 ms excel 2013
In the Row Height dialog box, enter the required height and click OK.
row height2 ms excel 2013
Selected row will be adjusted with the height you provided.
row height output ms excel 2013

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