Count the Occurrences of Text in Excel

How to count the number of occurrences of a character in Excel?

Count Text Occurrences in Excel

To count the number of occurrence of any particular word in the selected range of values, use the predefined function =Countif. Proceed with the below steps to count the text occurrence.
Step 1: In a cell, type as =countif( Then using mouse, click and drag the range of values from which you wish to get the count of a particular word.
Count Text Occurrences Excel
Step 2: Once after selecting the range of values, enter comma symbol (,) and provide the word inside the double quotes. Then close the parenthesis.
Count Text Occurrences Excel Step2
Step 3: Hit enter to get the result. In the below example, the word bforball has occurred two times in the selected range of cells.
Count Text Occurrences Excel Step3

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