Increment a Number in Ms Excel 2013

How to increment a number in Microsoft Excel 2013?


To auto increment the numbers in successive cells, use any of the following steps,
Step 1: First, type the number in a cell.
Step 2: In the successive cell, type as "=" and select the previous cell and type plus symbol followed by the number to increment. Then hit enter. For eg, to increment number by 4 from A2 type as =A2+4 and hit enter.
increment number ms excel 2013
Step 3: Click on the cell where you got the incremented value and just drag the cell using mouse pointer to the extend upto which you wish to increment the value.
increment number1 ms excel 2013
In the below image, the preceding row values gets incremented by 4 from A2 to A10.
increment number2 ms excel 2013 Copy

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