How to Reset Resellers in WHM?

How do you reset resellers in web host manager panel?

Reset Resellers in Web Host Manager Panel

When you reset the resellers package permissions, the reseller can use the packages they have owned. To reset package permissions for a reseller account follow the steps provided below.
Reset Package permissions to default
Step 1:
Login to whm panel.
Login Web Host Manager
Step 2: Under resellers select Reset Resellers.
Select Reset Resellers Whm
Step 3: Under Reset Package permissions to default, select the reseller and click Reset.
Reset Package Permissions Whm
Apply an ACL list to multiple resellers
The option will reset package permissions or apply Account Creation Limits (ACLs) to resellers. To apply an existing ACL to your resellers, perform the following steps:
Step 1: Select the desired ACL from the list.
Step 2: You can select multiple number of user here. Click Apply.
Apply Acl To Multiple Resellers

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