How to Modify a cPanel Account within WHM

How to modify a cPanel account within WHM?

Modify cPanel Account

By anytime you can modify and make changes for your account details. You can modify the basic information, package limits, privilege and DNS settings of an account in a few step process. To modify an account, proceed with the steps given below.
Step 1: Provide Username and Password to login with WHM panel.
Login Whm
Step 2: Type as "Modify" in the search box and select Modify an Account option under Account Functions.
Modify An Account Whm
Step 3: In the resulting page, select the account you going to modify and click Modify.
Select Modify An Account Whm
Step 4: Edit for the required changes and click Save.
Edit Account Click Save Whm
Step 5: You will get Package Conflict Resolution alert box, select the required check box and click Proceed.
Package Conflict Resolution Whm
Step 6: Your account details will began to update as given below.
Package Conflict Alert Whm

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