How to Create a Package within WHM?

How to Create a Package within WHM

Add a New Package within WHM

Packages are the predefined set - up for the users or domains to access their accounts. You can create packages in WHM and map it to the accounts. To create packages, follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to WHM panel, with the username and password.Login Whm
Step 2: Type as "pack" in the search box and select Add a Package under Packages.
Select Add A Package Whm
Step 3: In the resulting page, provide the package name.Add Package Name Whm
Step 4: Fill all the fields under package resources.
Package Resources Whm
Step 5: Click Add. The new package will be added under the name you have created.
Click Add Package Whm
Step 6: To view the newly created package, just search as Pack and select Edit a Package.
Click Edit Package Whm
Step 7: The newly created package will be listed as we have shown below.
List Of Packages Whm

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