Edit MX Entry in WHM

How to change or edit mx entry (Mail Exchanger) record in WHM?

How to Edit MX Entry in WHM?

Mail Exchanger record (MX Entry) is a kind of record used in the domain to find the priorities of mail servers. You can configure a new MX entry for a domain in two ways.
Option 1: Directly editing in MX Entry.
Option 2: Configuring MX Entry in DNS Zone
To configure a MX Entry directly, follow the steps given below.
Step 1:
Login to WHM panel.
Login Whm
Step 2: In the search box, type as "mx" and hit enter.
Step 3: Select Edit MX Entry.
Select Edit Mx Entry Whm
Step 4: Select Domain to edit the MX Entry and click Edit.
Domain To Edit Mx Entries Whm
Step 5: Delete the local mail exchanger.
Mx Entry Delete Whm
Step 6: Enable Automatically Detect Configuration radio button.
Enable Automatic Detect Configuration Whm
Step 7: Add the new MX Entry.
For example, to configure Google Apps MX entry for the selected domain, you should enter priority and MX Destination of google apps correctly. To add another entry click Add Another MX Entry Field.
Add New Mx Entry Whm
Step 8: Make the entry and click Save.
Add New Entry Whm
You will get notification for the newly entered MX Entry.
Edited Mx Entry Result Whm

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