Set Zone Time to Live (TTL)

How to set zone time to live (TTL) in DNS?

Set Zone Time to Live (TTL) in WHM

TTL means the time period that we set to resolve the zone and a domain. It is a part of Domain Name System. To set zone time to leave, follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to WHM Panel.
Login Whm
Step 2: Search as TTL and hit enter. Select Set Zone Time to Live.
Search Ttl Whm
Step 3: Select a domain under Set Zone Time to set Live. By default, TTL is 3600 Seconds.
Select Zone Time Whm
Step 4: Set New TTL time and click Set TTLs.
Set New Time Zone Whm
Result of Updating TTL will be displayed as shown in the below image.
Result Updating Ttl Whm

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