How to Upgrade / Downgrade cPanel Account?

How to upgrade or downgrade a cPanel account using WHM?

Upgrade/Downgrade an Account using WHM

Upgrading or Downgrading a package for a user account means to change the existing plan from the maximum to minimum and vice versa. To upgrade or downgrade a package, just follow the steps given in the below image.
Step 1: Login to WHM panel.
Login Whm
Step 2: Type as list in the search box. Select List Accounts from the search results.
Search List Accounts Whm
Step 3: In the list of user account, Click plus icon near the respective user, for which you going to change the plan.
Select User Plus Icon Whm
Step 4: Select Change Plan.
Click Change Plan Whm
Step 5: In the resulting page, select the plan and click Upgrade or Downgrade option.
Select Plan Click Grade Whm
Step 6: The particular plan will be upgraded or downgraded as per your selections.
Upgrade Downgrade Account Whm

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